CS 161: Operating Systems

Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-2:30

Pierce 301

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Spring 2015 CS161 Course Syllabus

A Note on Notes

On more conventional class days I frequently prepare notes designed to help me guide the class through the topics I want to cover. I intentionally leave things off the slides that I want to discuss in class. My goal is that significant parts of the material we cover will be derived in real-time during class through whole-class discussions, small group interactions, Q&A, or any other technique I can use to engage you in thinking deeply about the material.

For example, when I want to compare two approaches to something, I will often leave a slide blank. During class, I might ask you to fill in the comparison in small groups or we might do it all together as a class or I might set up a debate. My rationale is that there is often more than one right answer. The way I happen to evalute the trade-off is not the final word, and I want to engage you in a discussion about it. So, please don't be surprised if you skip class and find that the slides posted on the web site don't tell the whole story; they are not intended to tell the whole story. The whole story includes class time.

How to read this Syllabus

Collaboration Policy

Week Date Topic Pre-Class Prep Assignments
1 1/27 Administrivia Video(pdf) None Getting Started with CS161
Please complete this before class on Thursday
1/29 OS Function and History History (video) (OK to view over weekend) (pdf) Read 1.1-1.3.1 (supplements videos)
2 2/3 Synchronization OS Structure (video) (pdf) Web Work
OS Architecture (video) (pdf)
Synchronization overview (video) (pdf)
Synchronization types (video) (pdf) Web Work
Read 2.2.3-2.2.5 (may be review)
A0 Due by 5:00 PM
2/5 Implementing Synchronization Primitives Video (34 minutes) (PDF) (Web Work) Read 1.3.2-1.5, 3.1
3 2/10 Trap Handling, Domain Crossing(28 minutes)(PDF) Materials for the Week Read 3.4, 5.2
2/12 Scheduling A1 Due Friday at 5:00
Read How to Write a Design Doc
Read 5.3
4 2/17 Peer Design Review Peer Design Review Bring two copies of your (completed) Design Doc for A2 to class
2/19 Scheduling Case Studies Short Survey to be completed after you submit your A2 Design A2 Design Doc Due Thursday 9:00 PM
5 2/24 Virtual Memory (PDF) (video) None Read 7.1, 7.2
2/26 TLBs (PDF) (video)) Quick survey Read 7.3
6 3/3 More TLBs & Paging (PDF)(video) None None
3/5 Paging (PDF) (video) Quick Survey to be Completed after you turn in A2 A2 Due Friday at 5:00
7 3/10 Midterm None None
3/12 A Deep Dive on A3 Read A3 Carefully
MIPS Virtual Memory Hardware
x86 VM Video (17 minutes) (PDF only)
8 3/17Spring BreakNoneNone
3/19Spring BreakNoneNone
9 3/24 Peer Design Review Bring your (completed) Design Doc for A3 to class None
3/26 File Systems (video) (PDF) Quick Survey to be completed after you complete your design
Video on how disks work (PDF)
A3 Design Doc Due Thursday 9:00 PM
Read 6.1
10 3/31 Naming (video) (PDF)
UNIX V6 Case Study (video) (PDF)
None Read 6.3
4/2 FFS (video) (PDF) Quick Survey Read 6.2, 6.4, 6.5
11 4/7 File System Recovery (video) (PDF) Read 6.6 A3 Due Friday at 5:00
4/9 Journaling (video) (PDF) Quick Survey (after you finish A3) Read 10.1-10.5
12 4/14 Softupdates (video) (PDF) and
LFS (video) (PDF)
None None
4/16 Peer Design Review Bring your (completed) Design Doc for A4 to class A4 Design Doc Due Saturday at 6:00 PM
13 4/21 Virtualization (video) (PDF) Survey (to be completed after you finish your A4 design document)
4/23 Course Wrap Up Quick Survey None
14 4/28 Work on A4 in Class Day None A4 Due Friday at 5:00 PM
Read 8.1, 8.2
4/30 Reading Period Survey (To be completed after you submit A4)
15 5/6-9 Take home final Exam 24 Hours Due 24 hours after you get it
16 TBD PARTY! Final Survey