CPSC 508 Winter 2 2019: Quiz #3

45 points

This exam is closed notes, closed papers, closed interwebs, closed everything.

Please use whatever word processing software that you'd like to write your answers, but please send me an attachment with either plain text (≤ 80 characters per line) or PDF. I will be grading the quiz blind (that is, I don't want to know whose quiz I am grading), so please do not put your name anywhere in your exam. Instead, name the attachment lastname.{txt,pdf}. Please email your quiz to: mseltzer@cs.ubc.ca.

Here are the systems (in order) that we've discussed in this segment of the course:

  1. Nemesis
  2. Exo
  3. MirageOS
  4. Singularity
  5. OSv
  6. EbbRT
  7. The Synthesis Kernel
  8. Scout
  9. Hyperkernel
  10. CertiKOS
  11. Flux OS kit
  12. THINK
  13. Arrakis
  14. IX

  • Just One Question
  • Imagine that you were going to build a new operating system from a blank sheet of paper (or screen). What ideas might we want to borrow from other systems? For each system listed above, identify one thing that you think we should adopt from that system. If there is nothing you like about the system, give an example of one thing you think is just a terrible idea and should be avoided at all costs.

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