How to write a paper review for CS261


The goal is to express, as concisely as possible, the main idea of the paper. Focus on clarity of thought. The better you understood the idea the more concisely you will be able to express it.


Strive for brevity, but without sacrificing clarity. A good length is 50 to 100 words. We do not welcome overly lengthy reviews: excessive length does not show that you worked hard, it shows that you did not manage to distill the most important point of the paper. The longest summary of the paper is just a copy of the paper itself - stay away from this! We will applaude the shortest reviews that captured the essence of the paper.


Short summary of the paper. Your opinion: what was wrong with the paper, what you liked and disliked. One question you would ask of the authors. Any future work, not listed in the paper, that the paper made you think of.