Midge's Home Page

My name is Midge. I was born around September of 1993. I used to live with some other people, but one day they decided that they didn't like me any more. They tied this note
around my neck and dumped me outside. I didn't know how to hunt or anything, so I was pretty frightened.

Keith came along on his bicycle and he stopped to read my note and decided to take me home. I didn't like this. There was a big mean scary dog on the way. I'm afraid I wasn't very nice to Keith. I spent two weeks in a room and Keith and Margo were very nice to me. They gave me all the food I wanted! After a couple weeks, they let me out and I met Ken and Barbie. They were mean to me. They hissed at me and chased me around. I began to eat a lot until I was bigger than they were. Then I started hissing back and beating on them. We all get along just fine now.